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Discover the passion of the Savory Suction Vibrator, designed with the allure of bold red lips. This device is crafted to cater to your personal needs, providing gentle and encompassing stimulation to various areas. Explore the excitement of innovative nibbling modes, crafted to offer sensations even softer than real lips. Experience a touch that's made to captivate, and let your desire guide you to pleasures unexplored. Join others in discovering this sensation today!



Experience the sensational design of our vibrating insertable device, meticulously crafted for dual stimulation. Designed to provide both vaginal and anal sensations, this product aims to deliver an immersive experience that could lead to heightened pleasure. Explore the tantalizing feeling that emulates the intimacy of oral pleasure, and indulge in a personal adventure that's all about you. Engage with a product designed to evoke pleasure, satisfaction, and a unique connection to your body's desires. Find your bliss today!


• 10 Frequency Clitoral Biting
• 10 Frequency Thrusting Movement
• 10 Frequency Vibration
• IPX7 Waterproof
• USB Rechargeable


• 1 x Flavour Sucking Vibrator
• 1 x USB Charging Cable
• 1 x Instructions Manual


Unveil Ultimate Pleasure with the Savory Suction Massager Infused with the sultry charm of bold red lips, the Savory Suction Massager promises an unparalleled intimate experience. Expertly tailored to suit individual preferences, it offers gentle yet encompassing stimulation across various zones. Dive into its innovative nibbling modes, each exquisitely crafted to echo the tender caress of real lips. Surrender to a touch designed to mesmerize, and embark on an exhilarating journey of uncharted pleasure. Join the league of connoisseurs who've unlocked this exquisite sensation.

With meticulous attention to detail, our vibrating massager brings forth the brilliance of dual stimulation. Designed to provide both vaginal and anal sensations, it's your passport to a world of amplified pleasure. Evoke the intimacy of oral delights, and luxuriate in a personal voyage that centers solely around your pleasure. Engage with a massager that seamlessly bridges pleasure, satisfaction, and a deep-rooted connection to your body's cravings. The path to euphoria awaits.

Outstanding Features:

  • 10 Frequency Clitoral Nibbling: Diverse range for varied delights.
  • 10 Frequency Thrusting Motion: Dive deep into dynamic sensations.
  • 10 Frequency Vibration: From gentle hums to powerful throbs.
  • IPX7 Waterproof: Make a splash with your aquatic adventures.
  • USB Rechargeable: Eco-friendly and ensures uninterrupted moments.

In the Box:

  • Savory Suction Massager
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Comprehensive User Manual