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What if... you just give your finger an upgrade? 👀

That is what the Nympho Finger Air is all bout. The question has always been, how can touching myself improve without having to buy something massive or messy?

This is how the Nympho Finger Air came about. Without losing the magic you do with your own fingers, you just now get extra texture, covers more space, and have that sweet sweet tongue in the middle. It's like your finger is also giving you an oral. Just use the strap on the back of the vibrator to lock it in your finger, and the rest is all you.

This 100% waterproof finger upgrade starts to do its magic once you turn it ON and start playing with the multiple intensities.

Time to elevate your masturbating experience.

Tongue Intensities: 10

Size: 3.5 inches length. 



  • Specially designed for Clit stimulation
  • Easy-to-use with just one button that does it all
  • No need to be changing batteries every time it runs out of battery. Just plug it to its charger.
  • Made with body-safe silicone