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When a sex-toy and innovation merge together.

The Nympho Vibe Air contains the most advanced technology and research to generate the best suction stimulation. The strong, pure and overwhelming sensations come that come from its vacuum effect, make you feel a wave of sensations throughout the entire body.

You can't get an orgasm in less than 5 minutes, and be this discreet. Its just not possible.

Suction Intensities: 5 (Beginner to Expert)

Carrying Case: 3.5” diameter 

Discreet and portable.

Just as any other Nymphomind product, the Nympho Vibe Air comes as discreet as expected by any of our regular customers. On top of that, we have a practical, small (yet super cute), clam-like packaging to store it that can help you carry it with you anywhere.

It looks like just another “make up thingy” for women.

Easily our strongest clit vibrator, and the most discreet out there.

Pressurized wave tech

Cutting edge tech that gently sucks, kisses and strokes your clit.


Running out of batteries? No issues! Just plug it in and let it charge. It'll be full of juice in less than 45min.

Storage Included

This item comes with protective storage.


This toy is fully submersible in water. Your tub is calling.